Italian Brass Band

Italian Brass Band

The Italian Brass Band has a recent history but not without events and successes.

Founded in November 2013, it was the result of a dream of four musicians friends who, sitting at a table in a Roman bar and fascinated by the fantastic world of brass bands, plan to set up one in Rome. From this idea comes the Italian Brass Band, composed of carefully selected musicians coming from the most prestigious bands, orchestras and Italian musical ensembles.

Since its foundation, this combo has held numerous concerts throughout Italy, enjoying success and being appreciated for the high quality of the performances, the difficulty of the proposed repertoire and the technical and expressive ability of its soloists.

The primary goal of the Italian Brass Band was to demonstrate that, even with this instruments, one could be able to confirm one’s national musical talent.

So it was, with the participation in the most representative competition of the genre, held at the Konzerthaus in Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany), where the IBB won the First Place in the CHALLENGE SECTION of the 38th EUROPEAN BRASS on 2 May 2015 BAND CHAMPIONSHIP 2015