The title “Percorsi dell’anima” (“Paths of the Soul”) synthesizes all the moments of life and the intimacy of the states of mind that gave the inspiration for the Italian Antonio Trovato’s compositions.

The theme of the album is also that of love, passion and the beauty of nature, as well as the colorful expression of each place where the composer lived, who has stamped on this album these impetuous and overwhelming and tormenting sounds.

The album “Percorsi dell’anima” (“Paths of the Soul”) contains the first two singles released months ago: “Sonata a Patrizia” from October 16th and “Nostalgia di Sicilia Op. 49” from November 20th.

All the tracks on the album were recorded in a break between concerts and composing over the course of a year. This project represents for the author a way of making his music known to the public through his soul. And it is currently available on all digital stores.

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