he renowned pianist and composer Andrea Padova launched an interesting album, a back-and-forth between J.S. Bach and Andrea Padova’s own music, titled: Preludes & Interludes. This novel combination has been very successful so far, having released two singles, we decided to let the public see something that is invisible on any disc or audio registration, the emotion of seeing the artist in action. In the video, we will be able to appreciate the emotion of M° Padova interpreting Bach’s Prelude BWV 929 in G minor, followed by Andrea Padova’s Interlude X. In the words of Padova himself: “any pianist, professional or amateur, classical or jazz, remembers the emotion of his first approach to the music of Bach. This cycle of “Preludes and Interludes” is the result of my incessant dialog with the music of Bach. I worked on sequence and combinations, which are based on pairs of pieces united by a tonal nexus: as in the Klavierbüchlein, the general design of the cycle also follows an unsystematic but structured plan”

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