Not the one” is a bittersweet ballad that tells us a story of someone in love who later realizes that his relationship is one-sided and that the person that he is in love with doesn’t feel the same and unfortunately cannot be the one. As the lyrics walk us through that journey of self-realization, the intensity of the piano as well as the vocals also progresses. “Not the one” reflects an experience of one person but can be easily related to many of us in different kind of ways. “When your partner is unable to love you back the way you love them…” Jazeel himself explains about the unrequited love theme, “there the song progresses it also reflects self realization that it can’t continue like this anymore. The difference between lyrics in the first and the last chorus shows that as they change accordingly, from questioning what’s wrong to the realization and acceptance”. He started working on the project after he came back from a small trip to the US, in the summer of 2019.  The song was inspired from personal experience and he thinks and hopes that many listeners can relate to it. 

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