The situation with CoronaVirus is becoming more and more tragic in Europe day by day, increasingly contaminating, increasingly destructive for many populations. We wanted to be positive, we wanted to believe in an easier and faster resolution but the facts show us that this is not the case.

Italy is now perhaps starting a downhill route, Spain is in full battle, as well as France, England and the rest of Europe will come. We are not talking about the world, the USA or Asia where the pandemic is reaping victims.

With this situation, given the opinion of our Jury as well as of our Artistic Committee, we made the decision to postpone the GMBC Genève Music Band Contest to 29/30/31 October 2021.

All activities remain and are reported on this date, always at Palexpo, always in Geneva.

The new regulation will be published within a few days.

However, we have good news (which we have already planned): the Organization of the GMBC in agreement with the opinion of the Artistic Director, announces a Notice of Competition for a Composition for Wind Orchestra, which will be performed during the GMBC of 2021. We will have a First, a Second and a third prize.

In a few days we will publish the Competition Notice on our website. Invite all the composers you know, having to stay at home forcibly, to compose for GMBC. A new lymph for an extra battle against CoronaVirus!