ROME – The way of love, pain and divine, crossed through the notes of compositions by contemporary artists, to remember the experiences of twenty Saints who invite to meditation and spiritual quest. Saints is a collection of twenty music CDs, each dedicated to a Saint and executed by the Italian Army Band and international artists. Created by the BAM – Beyond Any Music record label director, Daniele Maggiore, the project will be implemented over five years with the publication of four albums each year, realized under the patronage of the Pontifical Institute of Culture. The words of Benedict XVI that sing the beauty of music and the “three places” from which it originated – the experience, the experience of sadness and the encounter with the divine – inspired the creation of the series and the concerts during which every album will be performed live: the first event took place in Rome on June 24 and was dedicated to the figure of Saint Francis, also starting the whole initiative.

“According to Pope Benedict XVI – said Daniele Maggiore – ‘being touched by God constitutes the origin of music’. From this thought, by the vision of music as an inclined plane to the divine, I realized that we could ‘promote’ those who have been sanctified in the last ten years together with some important Saints through a project dedicated to them.”

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