This album was composed by the Austrian Anechoic Chamber Music (M), and reflects the current state of the collective’s mind. In their own worlds: “It’s about losing things or persons you had / knew a long time; leaving places you used to live in and know and love”. The project is important for the Anechoic Chamber Music, because they affirm that everyone knows these feelings, and no one should be alone during them. And add “Music saves, helps to feel understood and some kind of comfort. Covid isolates people and we all have more time to think; so if these thoughts are nostalgic… here are some tunes for it”. The CD is made up of 11 tracks, all in the traditional form of the Requiem Mass: Introitus; Requiem Æternam Dona Eis, Domine; Kyrie Eleison; Sequence: Dies Irae – Pie Jesu; Offertorium; Agnus Dei; Sanctus, Lacrimosa Dies Illa, Communio – Lux Æterna; Vespers – Discidium. 

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