This new production has a double objective, in addition to immortalizing the talent of the Italian pianist Marcello Mazzoni along with the invited artists, we seek to promote the chamber music of one of the greatest Italian composers unjustly forgotten: Alberto Franchetti. The first single from the album was an arrangement of the Symphony in E minor for piano 4 hands: “Allegro un poco agitato” with Marcello Mazzoni and Giulio Potenza at the piano. And as second single we proposed the Fantasy for violin and piano “Germania”, based on Franchetti’s homonymous opera, along with Mazzoni is the violinist Silvia Mazzon. This piece -in words of Mazzoni himself- reflects the taste of the time, the great opera composers making fantasies from successful melodramas. Another interesting piece within the album is the Larghetto from the Romanza for violin and piano; is a short work, in the classic ABA form and clearly shows the author’s happy melodic inspiration, already evident in his operatic works. It is a small jewel that deserves to be rediscovered: Silvia Mazzon on the violin and Marcello Mazzoni on the piano manage, with their expressive vein, to bring its ancient splendor back to light.

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