Last week was released the album of the renowned pianist and composer Andrea Padova an interesting back-and-forth between J.S. Bach and Andrea Padova’s own music, titled: J.S. Bach & Andrea Padova – Preludes & Interludes. The cd contains 15 Preludes alternated with 15 Interludes, and at the end of this cycle one more called Postlude, a piece that ends the collection. The Preludes are by Johann Sebastian Bach while the Interludes and the Postlude were composed by Padova himself. In his videoclip, M° Padova expresses his passion for the music and life of the german composer, what led him to won the “International Piano Competition Johann Sebastian Bach” in 1995, since then he have recorded many discs dedicated to Bach. Padova already played the cycle of Preludes and Interludes several times, also in important theaters in New York, San Francisco, Washington and also in Italy. M° Padova explains here why bring them back into a disk now, as well as a significant amount of interesting information for the baroque lovers. Watch now the videoclip of the great Italian musician with his interesting and particular rhetoric, worthy of a connoisseur, a knowledgeable on the Bach world: Andrea Padova.

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