After participating in X Factor UK 2015, 4th IMPACT, the famous Filipino pop music group, is ready to settle down in the West, supported by the Swiss record and publishing label BAM International.

In the past four years, the sister-group Irene, Celina, Mylene and Almira have refined their art with many appearances in the Philippines and in several Asian countries such as Korea, Japan, Indonesia etc, which allowed them to shed off the image of a young, inexperienced band and become new rising stars in the western world.

Now that they have reached and exceeded more than 130 millions fans on YouTube they are ready to return to Europe and America with three albums in 5 years, the first of which will be released at the end of 2019. 4th IMPACT have just signed with BAM International, record label based in Geneva, Switzerland.

As Daniele Maggiore, CEO of BAM International puts it, “they are four sister with amazing voices, voices that work so well together and many other talents that with a bit of help from our side can become a truly successful act.” “For these reasons – he continues – we have decided to give them a chance, to believe in them and to look forward to a bright and cheerful future together”.

The experience at X Factor 2015 has been exhilarating, but now that we are working together we feel ready to conquer new fans, both in Europe and America” concludes 4th IMPACT .



18 thoughts on “4th IMPACT arrives to the West with BAM International

  1. Georgia says:

    Sir. U did the right thing- not only talent but beautiful- grateful- and so talented in music amazing girls with personalities that hard to match- voices are suberb good choice as I have met them in US and they will do well here as they have a following here also. Congradulations on your pick

  2. Carlo Pellizzari says:

    Congratulations to 4th Impact for the next step in their career. Fans all over the world are waiting impatiently for their first Album. Finally another long awaited dream seems to come true. My best wishes for a long and successful collaboration.

    • Peter Macias says:

      Finally a dream comes true for 4th impact and for me. Those of us that know them have been eagerly waiting for this moment. And those who unfortunately don’t know them will be pleasantly surprised when they get introduce the these amazing sisters CONGRATUALIONS 4th IMPACT.

  3. goldenhawk H says:

    Thank you, BAM!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a huge fan of 4th Impact! I can’t wait to buy their albums! These ladies have NEVER made a bad cover you have made an EXCELLENT decision to sign these four Queens of harmony!

  4. D-Boy says:

    That’s wonderful news…keeping them together on this amazing journey gives us all a chance to see all the girls create something really special. I have followed them since 2015 and have lamented that I have not seen much activity from them in 2019. Hearing that they will have an album in late 2019 erases all my fears. Congratulations girls and congratulations to BAM.

  5. Lenie Rinen says:

    Fantastic girls I am following since XFactors days. I am Filipino-Kiwi in NZ. Can’t wait for their Album. Sure it will be a hit. Godbless all

    • Maurice says:

      Bien que je sois très éloigné de la musique pop américaine , j’ai découvert ce groupe sur YouTube parce que je suis fan des émissions America got talent , Britain got talent, Asia got talent. L’émission X-Factor étant produite par Simon Cowell, qui a produit les Got Talent,ce lien m’a permis de voir les auditions de ce groupe et cela m’a enthousiasmé.
      J’ai donc hâte de posséder ce premier album pour la fin de l’année 2019.

  6. Bjo Sch says:

    4th Impact! This sounds absolutely wonderful! Give it your best, and World Domination will follow!! We your fans are ready! 🙂

    BAM ! … Take great care of and protect these 4 ladies in every which way … including their financial and legal rights, AND all their physical and security related matters as well.

    4th Impact is a professional band with years of experience and they know how tough (and deceitful) the music industry can be like. I hope you are not the typical music company or agent, and that you understand that this band has countless hardcore (but nice) fans worldwide watching from the front row with the interest of these amazing talented and good hearted ladies in mind. You being based in Switzerland should hopefully prove that fairness is involved, and that a level playing field will be given. This being a very different type of music you normally have in your bag is interesting …. and will perhaps require a new set of marketing efforts. Give it your all friends!

    And remember … we are watching! 😉

    4th Impact … Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to see what you choose musically, and to PURCHASE all your music!!


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